miércoles, 22 de agosto de 2012


Now when NASA to investigate de MARS influence in the EARTH creation, THE ASTROPHISICAL JOURNAL posted a article about a rare start to eat a planet in her orbit excentric...

It´s easier to understunding, it´s very probable that in the planet eated will be a unknowledge or unknow life sistemform, based in the litiumcode or  in the litium chemicalcode, IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING...Live will could cretaed in the diferent and unbeliable and unknow lifesistem, basescodes will be a liquid state but whit a cosmic law, in a solid or fumestate it´s imposible to created and appear newlifes, but it´s easier to understunding...utero in the human been it´s a liquid nutrients basecodes status, the life in the earth appear in this modesistem, when MARS to keep the EARTH, perhaps no for eated it, but in a simple relationship like a marriage, it´s similary planets relations that humansrelations, one start insemined or pregnant other start, MARS it´s a Phater, a father´s Earth and H20 was a uterolife. It´s a simple answer, planets sings relations to create life into their Divine Spirit. THE UNIVERSE WORKS ALIKE

Sorry for mi COU english.


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