martes, 9 de octubre de 2012



Runetime, express this, express this your feelingsamed and inteligent and solutionssolussolul timesstolender,

Fertilized countris in the moviessinglessorroundedplaces in the crash, think tihs stoletime, runetimes, feel and movie it´s a great true of sing endemdemicc, restaured situations when finished gameover turn off, and smiled in the crossroad since tne until citypoison, noone disturbed peacemarket deadfields, y twice bounded, reseat and reseat, becames becames welcomes, again and again...

Walk about fields, lonely in first time but them appears a lot of people, lost people, their whitme walked, silentsteps, stepssilent, all quiet...

When take part in something tah i know, all take part in something, but no travel, no travel...walkin all together, walking together...

See her eyes, i meet her.."I invited yo for a drink" i talk..."I invited you but i havnét money, havn´t money"

--What do yoo saydme...? What´s saying?

--This a present for you...but I have got a present...I have nothing and all itç´s for you...i Have nothing cause you have nothing and everybody it´s same...

--Right...everybody have nothing...everybody have...

--We wants all, and now we have nothing...

--Wew wants all for oneself



--Came whith me?

--Yet. This i can...but now are they all thist time we must all together, ALL.



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