martes, 11 de marzo de 2014


There is an episode in my life. I'm in a city in Castile and suddenly I just stood and people start to go around and I think I have a little over twenty years. One time it was very lonely . Suddenly I stop, I cut short , I stay fixed and how a tree halfway down the street and people start pasr around me. That day changed my way of thinking , the day I stop being human flock and I become more evolved in a more evolved being . I spend hours in that position and people seem empty shells but I 'm not afraid. I look at people and I like crabs or fruit vacós beings appearances. One day I thought something as if the world will really existence or invents everything my mind. Then I learned that there is a theory that says - a Hindu religious theory - that people , living things , objects and oneself have no real existence and all images are projected by something far away , but the key word is illusion, all there isa illusion projected by a distant entity , in order for us to think , live, feel, experience it . Living would be how taking a powerful drug that creates a powerful hallucination : REAL WORLD ( NOT REALLY EXIST )

When now i think about planes desapear more i think that the world real or the rela world doesn,t exist...I wrotte since yet now...time, space, all...all will be colapse but only in my mind but when you are a my ilusion creature YOU COLAPSE TOO causeyou are a invencion, my invencion...



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