lunes, 1 de julio de 2013


Hello. We can asked when all to start. Theorys that´s to in exist tal about the world are create for aliensminds, highs alienminds. It´s a theory that was defended in Sixto Pac believed and Patry Kori believed, that they expresx this in a meetings or in a private conversations or perhaps in their books for sale.

Religions have a theory over the world create, you know or you must know, i think. BUT I SAID that the believed people in ALIEN THEORY are a lot of people around the world, and this persons people think about a world create for a aliensminds out the space, beings that inceded in the nature, seas and s rivers, champs and vegetables and counties usually, but it´s impossible that you contact their or that you meet they if this "persons" refuse this. They chouseyou, in other form thats impossible.

THE ALIEN CONTACT ITS NEAREST and it´s possible that the government are in contact whitz aliensminds or alinen beings, there are a 56 aliens race or species...

People think about tnat the nearest day too meet worldsaliens it´s this year, but the year before said this, said the same...

If you believe the aliens take the control of your mind, you are probably insane or live a madness, cause the aliens are introduce for their selve when they was meetyou and singer or learn or danced whitz you.


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