jueves, 3 de enero de 2013


When i was a little child,a prtozoo minor, remember just likes the red wine...In the college the piest give me red vine in church, was my beginnign alcolholick started travel, it´s a cultural modeform to intrudechilds in the fanatics vinered word, was marvelous cuase in Spain, true, redwine is a religion, jejeje.

In the seminarywhitz more energy probe more sweet wines over top alcolick plus graduate, whwn i was trpepriest and served,in eucaristicmode was drink redwine cause is blessed for the spanishpeople, alwais cause in codebible to express in this forms, fieldssocietytowns to comeced to started in a new democracymode, we have a catolicparti created for the goodkids also afther the girl arn´t good, la donna e movile samsung, its easier to understund...I was married in seventyyaerar and yearsold perhaps was credule and childish but i have a believed to comoommpromised and health, when espanishsociety believed in good and health and coompromised, obviousluy between a men a women, alwais..isnént here? In othermodeform don´t believe, but perhaps peoples do exist they or it, in pastence immposible but in futuretemps will bemey to existed or exist, wenewer that wenewer i was too young too understund and now perhaps too old to understund, but no desagrgee...wel, im desagree in something modesexaulsociete but no ungry...What can i do? well..i can express this: THIS ARE MY TIMES BUT THIS I AM, I AM IN MY TIMES...

You can drink red spanish wine Pinna Fidelis Crianza and you can PUSHING Google kiliker this simple words in spanish lenguage, you only must spend a few euros for paid  venta de vinos de ribera de duero 

But, i said this: money arn´t importance, feels are importance...alwais, money its a form to live in materialworld but exist two world, spiritualworl and materialworld, we can to live in espiritualworld perhaps in feelworld...never one day in a material doesn´t mother cause we have and richinternalwissnes world, a magik world when you are sure and protected when your good o perhaps whitz the real good, out you...cause we must to complain thar good its other tahn we, its out in your other dimension, perhapstouchour, perhaps touchyou, but..its a unknowdimension,ad one they you vsist good and a lot of we said your afraid or your a mad or you are wasted or launched, caused we have eat more hongos or mush or hachis or alcol or catalanian caba or redvine ITS DOESN´T MOTTHER, but you believe in you.

And now this i can justiffied to express: you must believed in you.

No more.


Roble español 2006.

I recomended Pinna Fidelis Crianza It´s Penafield´s wine, into Castilla y Leon, España,  in Valladolid, Spain, it´s named in spanish lenguage  vino tinto de valladolid

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